Floys belong to the flocking Alife creatures variety, sharing with them the social tendency to stick together, and the lifelike emergent behavior which is based on a few simple, local rules. They differ from most other Alife flocking (Boids-type) implementations by being territorial animals that defend their territory against intruders. They are implemented as Java applets. The more advanced applets allow changing traits and personality of individual Floys (iFloys & eFloys), and also breeding and evolving the population (eFloys).

If you can read this then your browser does not support Java, and you cannot see the Floys applet.


The Slower and Faster buttons control the overall speed. Try to define a smooth and peaceful behavior. Click multiple times until you get the desired effect. Floys behavior can be modified by changing behavioral parameters, accessed by the Properties button. The Default button returns to default behavior. The Stranger button inserts a stranger to the scene. This stranger will be chased and attacked until killed, or until the Default button is pressed. The Pause button pauses and resumes movement. Stop button stops movement and clears the screen. Start button restarts the action (use it after returning from the properties screen).

Advanced versions of Floys


Credit is due to Alex Vulliamy and Jeff Cragg and their Flies applet, from which I borrowed the basic Alife algorithm.